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slow and steady

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This is not a race, but still, I'm rooting for my tree to stay in the lead!

So here's how the buds looked yesterday after many cold and windy days:


And here's how the same bud cluster looked three days ago:


Not much difference, if any. But those buds in the left corner of the picture do look a little further along.

Here's another cluster from yesterday:


And the same cluster three days ago:



Finally, here's the tip of another twig yesterday:


And here's that same twig six days ago after some light snowfall:


That's definite progress!

There's more snow expected tonight, so I'm guessing these buds will stay in the slow lane for a while still.


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Back at the branch...

There's not much change to report. Here's how the buds looked on Saturday.


And here's how the same bud cluster looked this morning.


Hmmmm. It's been mighty cold 'round here, so I guess these buds are waiting until spring returns to send out any more purple stuff.

Elsewhere... I walked by some trees that I'd snapped some pictures of a couple of weeks ago. Back then, I took a tiny twig I'd found from a baby tree and was examining its structure.


Well, this morning, it's fellow twiggies still on the tree look like this.




they're everywhere!

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So just how far did the little purple things grow in two (rather chilly, rather cloudy) days? Here are some pictures I got on Tuesday.


Well, these dark dots are on almost all of the buds now.


They look like eyes opening.


The ones that opened first look like they have grape jelly oozing out of them.


What is that stuff going to be?! And if it is the flowers, will any of them turn into the galls that I've seen on my tree? That would be fascinating to see.

And I wonder what effect this morning's snow will have on their growth.


It certainly doesn't make me want to go out! I imagine it might affect them in the same way.

cool things on twigs

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Here's a little tree I walk past every day as I walk my boys to school.


It was planted last year after the tree that used to be here was finally removed (it hadn't been growing new leaves for a couple of years). The tree is just so darn cute! And it's short enough that I can reach up and grab hold of a twig to get closer look. So I did just that. After about 5 minutes of observing and taking the following pictures, the owner of the house next to the tree called out the window: "Hey, Alison, what'cha doin' out there?" Oops, busted.


It was so worth it though. Just look at those fabulous oval peachy red buds! Beneath each of the buds is a little scar from where the leaf from the last season fell off. And that's where the new bud grows. Talk about healing! If you look at the bottom of that tiny stem the three little buds are on, you can see some gray ridges. My teacher tells me that that's where the growth from the previous season ended. It's a scar made from the new bud pushing out of the tip there. (I noticed a bud on my tree the other day that had me asking this very question!) If we look down the length of the twig to find the next set of gray rings, we can see how far this twig grew last year.


I think this gray bump above this sentence might be it. Wow. I don't even know what kind of tree this is, but it seems to me that that's pretty good growth for such a little tree.

Now let's look at an amazing twig I found on the ground at the kids' school. This twig was so long and so green, I had to take some pictures of it. And it had the coolest buds! They're sort of fuzzy. I'm a sucker for fuzzy buds!


And, lookie, it has those growth scars as well.


One more twig to investigate before we return home. This one caught my eye because the very tips of the buds looked like they might be green. Leaves, maybe???


I've got a lot of questions about these types of buds. Is that a leaf? And if it is, is the whole leaf in there all folded and wrapped up already? And how does that brown part of the bud get wrapped around it like a screw? I love that there is something so perfectly wrapped and shaped like that in nature.

Anyhoo, the twig...


I see one area on the left twig there that looks like the rings of a terminal bud scar. But what really intrigued me about this twig were all the little white dots. My twig has white dots that I really notice only when it rains. The other twigs above all have them too in varying amounts. You know what I think? I think those are lenticels, which help the twig breathe. How cool is that?!

For more information on things that are on twigs check out this diagram.

first day of spring

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And right on time, the swollen buds from three days ago have started to open!!


Little purpley things are in there!


They look like they could be teeny tiny seeds or the beginning of flowers. They're all bundled up in there and seem to be poking through the center of each swollen bud. This! is! so! exciting!

Here's one that is just about to crack. You can see a little dark spot at the center of the buds here, where the little purple seeds will soon be poking out. It's like watching a baby chick hatch. Come on, you can do it!


The lateral buds along the side of the branches are opening up too.


If you look real close, it looks like the buds are even fuzzy.


They are so different than they were just two weeks ago. And what a change from the buds on the broken off branch I found in the snow a month ago.

Hello spring!

did you see something?

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It's warm today (45 degrees F) and it's sunny. I think to myself, what is my tree waiting for? More light. Check. Higher temperatures. Check. So, let's go take a look.


Those buds are definitely bigger! I've been checking every day, but maybe it's like a child growing up before your eyes: you just don't notice the subtle changes. Today, in the sunlight, the buds look like they're almost swollen. Are they just waiting to burst?!

At the very tip of the twig closest to the window, I see this.


Doesn't the top bud look like it's about to crack open? It's got sort of a plus (+) shaped ridge on the tip like a phillips head screwdriver. And that little nail looking thing in front of the bud looks different than the rest of the bud and twig. It looks smooth and shiny, not dried and rough. Could that be something growing?! A little look back in the blog reveals that this was here two weeks ago, but I hadn't noticed it then. Could it be lighter now? Larger? I'm not sure.

Here's another tip on an offshoot from my twig.


This one has that little nail thing too, although it looks more like the rest of the bud. Looking at it up close like this, it looks like the bud is breaking through the tip of the twig, doesn't it? I hadn't really thought about how the buds were attached, but this looks like it's pushed it's way out and that little nail thing is something leftover from when the tip was closed or maybe covered with a smaller bud.

Hey, that's a good question: are these buds getting longer? I've actually been looking for the pointiness of the buds to go away. My thinking was that they would start to open and so the point would go away. But I haven't seen things getting less pointy. In fact, it might just be that the buds are getting more pointy. Could they be looking more pointy because they are growing taller out of the tip of the branch?

I feel like something could be about to happen! It's St. Patrick's Day today and we're all wearing green. How long until the tree will also be wearing green?

tree sprouts

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After watching S's little bean sprout over the last weeks, I've started wondering how my tree buds will sprout. I've been thinking of them as spots where new leaves will just pop out. But is that what happens at the buds? If that's so then when do the branches ever grow longer? Is it possible that new branches will shoot out from the buds, with new leaves off of them? Perhaps the new shoots would even push the bud out along the end, like S's bean sprout keeps part of the bean up at the top.

My tree isn't telling me, so I went searching around the neighborhood for some signs of new growth on other trees and I found some interesting things.


The narrow little branch coming off after the cluster of buds is a lighter, redder color than the rest of the twig. Did that just grow in the last few weeks? It looks really new and young. It's so colorful and smooth. Are those little buds that are all clustered together also growing farther and farther away from that older looking part of the twig?


Here's another photo of a different twig on the same tree. You can really see how much lighter and redder this part is. And again there's two other little buds right there where the color changes. It's just as if the twig was growing from that point that is now in the middle.

And here's another little tiny twig I found on a small tree near the one above. The house behind these trees recently burned down and many branches were broken off as the firefighters were battling the blaze. I felt like it would be okay to snap off a tiny twig from the baby tree as it was almost completely severed from it tiny little trunk.


Look at how green the end of the twig is! The bottom part looks like a normal grayish twig, then there are some of those knuckles I noticed on a twig from my tree a couple of weeks ago and then it gets greener and greener, and then there's the bud. It really reminds me of that sprout of S's!

Is this going to happen on my tree? Nothing on my tree looks like really new growth. All the twigs are gray and bark-y looking, with the tips being slightly smoother and whiter. These newer parts don't have as many scars on them from old buds, but they don't look like they just grew this year. Hmmmmm..... Are all those buds on my tree's twigs going to sprout? That's a lot of buds. Is that why my tree seems to have these explosions of new branches?

looking for signs of spring

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Time to check the buds on my tree.


I so want to think that that one is cracking open, but I'm not sure that that bud hasn't looked like that the whole time.

Here's another bud.


You can see that each of these terminal buds has two big, plump looking buds on either side of it and, if you look real close, it even seems to have a little top wing and bottom wing. Are they pulling away from the center bit? Is the center maybe growing away from them? Will those top and bottom wings become big plump buds too? And how is all of this going to make a flower? Or a leaf?

Here are some buds on the twig I'm watching.


You can see here that there are some color variations within the bud itself. The big, plump side buds are darker brown on the edges and a lighter beige in the middle. Is this bud-set further along in its development than the one above? The two little wings do seem farther away from the terminal bud in this set. And even the buds on the side of the twig here seem to show this color differentiation. It almost looks like a nut, when you crack it open and the darker outer shell reveals a lighter nut inside. Is that what's happening here? Is it opening?

And is any of this really a change from before?
Here's a zoomed-in section from a photo I took of my tree in the middle of February before I figured out how to take awesome close-ups.


These terminal buds might be a little pointier, but the buds right next too it look pretty plump and the side buds look like they could have that lighter-colored center.

And here's a section from a photo I took of my twig way back when I began the blog.


Looks really similar. I wish I could say there are some real changes here, but I'm just not convinced.


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With the help of my husband, I've figured out how to take some really close-up pictures of the buds on my tree and they look much more complex than I had perceived before. What appeared to be one simple bud on the tip of a branch now reveals itself to be made up of several different parts.There's a sort of center bud and two darker-colored, um, let's call 'em wings, on either side. Each bud seems to have this structure. Did these wings used to cover the whole inner bud? Are they pulling away from it? Or are they growing alongside it? Or were they always there and I just hadn't been able to identify them before now?


What amazes me is how this whole bud system seems to arrange itself in threes. I've already noticed that the branches coming off the twigs come out in pairs - that is to say, there'll be the center branch of the twig and then two branches coming off of it in opposite directions. Like this: \ I / . Three. Furthermore, the tip of each twig has a center bud and then a bud on either side of it - 3 buds. And now I see that each bud itself is made of 3 little parts, the inner bud and the two wings. Three. It's a magic number. Is that the key to understanding this tree?

Coincidentally, the buds on my tree seem to be in three different stages. I took a few minutes to draw them.


Some of the buds on the tips of the twigs of my tree still look like one single pointy bud (#1 above), but most of the ones I can see near my window look like #2. I'm assuming they're opening. Bud # 3 is the only one of its kind I can see on the tree and it is amazing! From my window it looks like a bud that is either cracking open or being pushed to the side and has something resembling the sticky burr texture inside or behind it. But with the camera, it is even more intriguing.


And the super, mega, ultra close-up is insane.


OMG, What is that stuff in the middle?! Is that the sticky burr thing uncurling? Is that growing from the inside of the bud? And what is that long thing on the side of it? A leaf? Some part of the twig? Did it come from the bud or was it already there?

Wow. And I thought they were just buds.

when the bough breaks

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The other day, I noticed that the top branch of my tree was broken. I speculated that it might have broken off in one of our January snowstorms and that there might be some broken branches beneath the snow surrounding my tree. After two days of well above average temperatures, a good deal of snow melted (there's now only about a foot surrounding the tree), and, indeed, a small group of branches has been revealed. Given their location in the snow, I'd say they broke off during one of the last couple of snowstorms that dumped feet of wet, heavy snow on top of earlier frozen snow.


Since this is the city, the nearest tree is many meters away in another cutout on the other side of a driveway. Therefore, I feel confident that these branches did belong to my tree. Furthermore, the largest branch in this pile looks similar in diameter to the branch at the very top of my tree and has the same sort of break on it. I'm guessing that this is the exact bit that broke off up top.

I snapped off one small twig to get a closer look. It's covered with little buds just like the twig I can see out of my window. And look, the buds seem to have little shells that they are coming out of. Or something. They're not just solid bumps on the side of the twig. These, at least, were already developing into something more complex. They're also soft. When I press on them, it's like pushing on the eraser tip of a pencil. I wonder how close these were to starting to "pop"?  


It's a little sad that this twig, ready and waiting to sprout new leaves, has been separated from the tree. But its loss is my gain. I snatched up the little guy to bring inside for further investigation. 


The twig is covered in these dark semi-circular bumps that look like they were the base or shelf under an old bud. At the top of each bud shelf there's what looks like a cut, maybe where the leaf was connected and fell off?  The twig also has several segments, separated by what look like knuckles. Perhaps these are from growth each year.  Each year, the twig grows longer at the wrinkly, knuckly part?

What a lucky find for me!

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