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How appropriate that there was a moving truck parked in front of the stoplight trees all day last week. Those leaves are on their way out!

A week ago, the stoplight trees looked like this:


What a difference a week makes, right? Just look at how few leaves that middle tree has left!


Without any seeds to keep the canopy looking full, it's really starting to look bare. But wait, this is a boy/girl tree. I know I've seen girl flowers on this tree as well as boy ones. I wonder why I can find any fruit at all? Hmmm....

Here's a picture from two days later. Now look at the big tree on the right.


I wouldn't really call that green anymore! That's a male tree, like mine, and he seems to be changing all at once.

Three days later (this morning) and the stoplights look like this:


That's just five days between the first picture in this post and this one. Wow!

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