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This week's story time book is in German! I couldn't resist sharing one of my favorite German kids books since it's all about leaf piles in the fall. The book is Anton und die Blätter by Ole Könnecke. I love Könnecke's Anton character. (For a look at another Anton book, check out this entry on my old blog.) The title of this book means "Anton and the Leaves." But don't worry about the German; you don't need to know German to understand this book!

Anton and the Leaves

There is Anton. Anton has raked up all the leaves.

Look at him! He's so proud!

Wait a minute, there's another one.

Okay, how awesome are the pictures here? The drawings are mostly black outlines on white, with just a few touches of the fall colors red, yellow, orange, and brown here and there.

So Anton wants to get that one last leaf, but...

There comes the wind.

The leaf blows away and Anton runs after it.

There is Lukas. There is the leaf.

Now Lukas joins in the chase after the leaf.

There are Greta and Nina. There come the boys. "Stop!", shouts Anton. "Hang on!", shouts Lukas.

And what do the girls do?

The girls run too. They've almost got the leaf.

Of course the girls join in! Other kids running by chasing something: what 5 year-old can resist that?!

There comes the wind again.

Drat! Just when they had the leaf trapped up in a tree, the wind sends it back in the direction it came from. In the tradition of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, the whole gang runs past all the places they've been before. Past the trees. Past the playground. Past the swing.

They've almost got the leaf. Almost...

Well, you know what happens next, right?

"Got it!", shouts Anton. "Got it!", shouts Lukas. "Got it!", shouts Greta. "Got it!", shouts Nina.

And then they go home to celebrate with juice and cookies.

Isn't Anton the best? Doesn't he just make you want to be a kid again? Now, go on outside and jump in some leaf piles. You know you want to.

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