two weeks of fall

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My tree is really getting into the swing of things now!

A week and a half ago, the view of my tree from inside the house looked like this. Now it looks like this:


There's significantly fewer leaves and the ones that are left are way less green. In fact, some of them are downright brown.


These are higher up on the tree. Just below them is the last little cluster of regular old green leaves.


One look at the whole tree and you can see that this little cluster is in denial because ALL the other leaves are well underway.

Yes, I'm talking about you there.

And down below, a crowd is gathering.


They're all brown down here. But I don't think they are all brown when they fall. I think a lot of them are actually yellow when they fall and then brown quickly because they are no longer attached to the twig. Just a theory so far though. I keep trying to get a picture of a leaf actually falling, but I'm never quite quick enough to catch one with the camera. The whole watching a tree thing is funny: it's too slow and it's too quick all at the same time.

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