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It's been a few weeks since we've taken a good look at my tree. You won't believe how much it has changed!

In early October, the view of my tree from my window looked like this:

October 4th

A week later and it looked like this:

October 12th

Four days later:

October 16th

Three more days:


And today, it looks like this:

October 25th

Amazing! Man, these ash trees lose their leaves early and fast! The other trees around still have leaves. The maples have leaves. The honey locusts have leaves. Even the chestnut still has leaves (although they look awful!). Pretty much all the bare trees I see are ashes.

Even the big ash tree down the street has gone through a dramatic change in the last week. The last time I'd photographed him was nine days ago and he looked like this:

October 16th

Yesterday, he looked like this:

October 24th

Incredible! That tree had the fullest canopy of any tree around here. It was thick with leaves. And now they're gone.

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