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Soon after we returned from our vacation, I happened to walk past the horse chestnut tree that I was watching in the spring. I was in a hurry, so I wasn't looking up at the tree. I was just rushing by looking down and I saw a chestnut! It was green and still on the small side, but it was a chestnut. I didn't have my camera with me (doh!) so I had to come back a couple of days later to take a picture of the tree's progress.


The chestnuts have really developed since I last photographed them in early June. The few that have fallen from the tree already are probably not really ripe or ready or mature or whatever you call it. But they are cute!


You know what? They remind me of the glowing light bulb trees in the Hundertwasser poster I saw in Regensburg! Except for the spikes of course. Oooh, I know, they look like a puffer fish! Those spikes are no joke by the way. They are ouchy. Amazing what a plant can come up with to protect its fruit.

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