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The new buds on the green sections of the twigs are amazing.


They're really starting to look like the buds that were on the twigs back in February.


I wonder how much longer they'll continue to grow. One thing that seems to be happening is that they are becoming completely brown (like the buds above). Many of the terminal buds still actually look like this:


Two sides are green just like the shoots (you can still see a narrow green stripe in the bud in the first picture above). And the two sides that are green are precisely the sides where new shoots would grow. Cool! I wonder if this one will develop another pair of shoots before it is done? I'm guessing not, because this twig already has 5 pairs of leaves on it and I have yet to see a twig with more than 5 pairs of leaves.

For example, this is one of the twigs with the most growth and it's got 5 pairs of leaves branching off of it.


And here's the twig closest to my window.


5 pairs of leaves. And the twig next to it:


1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

There are plenty of smaller twigs that have fewer than 5 leaf pairs, but all of these larger twigs have 5. I feel like 5 may be some sort of maximum number for new growth. Could it be that my tree has all the leaves now that it is going to get this year? And all of its new buds for next year?

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