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I'm amazed at how the branches on my tree continue to become fuller and fuller, filling out the empty space with more and more leaves. Here's how one branch obscured the view of houses across the street on May 23rd:


The foliage was a little thicker six days later on May 29th.


On June 7th, there was even more green, especially close to the camera, encroaching on my view of the branch.


And today it looks like this:


And did you notice something else changing? It's sinking! If you look back at the pictures, you can see that the branch is hanging lower now than it used to. I've noticed this about the one twig I've been watching too. It's the twig closest to my living room window and it used to stick up straight right in front of the window. Now it hangs so low it's almost out of view and I have to lean down to measure the leaves.


For a direct comparison, check out these two pictures of the tree taken from my window. The first was taken on the first day of this blog, February 8th. My twig is the one on the right that is coming toward the window.


Four months later, on June 10th, there are leaves everywhere and my twig is weighed down so much that its leaves are barely in the picture on the bottom right. I would never have imagined that it would move so much! 


Amazing! I wonder exactly how heavy all those leaves are?

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