four months in the life of a tree

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How much will you change in the next four months? How much will your kids change? How much will a tree change?

DSC03506w.jpgOver the next four months, I'll be watching this one tree, taking pictures of it, describing what it's doing (or not doing), asking questions about what's happening, and just jotting down whatever I see and think about my tree. I'm not going to do research about what kind of tree it is. I'm not going to do research about what exactly should happen to trees in springtime. I'm simply going to watch this tree and let her tell me. (Oh, yes, I've decided she's a girl. More on that later.) She is going to be my teacher for the next four months. Because she is the subject of a journal I have to keep for my science class this semester. And of course, when I hear "journal," I think "blog," so here we are.

Welcome to the treeblog.

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