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It's Saturday story time! This week's story is for the little ones out there. It's called Tomorrow's Alphabet and was written by George Shannon and illustrated by Donald Crews (author of classics like Freight Train and Ten Black Dots).


This is an amazingly simple yet deep and thought-provoking alphabet book. It uses the classic "A is for..." format, but the objects chosen to represent the letters do not actually begin with that letter. They are things that will change into or be made into something that starts with that letter. They are tomorrow's alphabet.

And it all begins with a seed.


I love the book's focus on small beginnings that will develop into wonderful things. Just like the kids reading it.


Plants provide a natural and familiar image for this theme of growth and development.


When we read "K is for tomato, tomorrow's ketchup," my daughter asked, Why is tomato ketchup? And, a few pages earlier, Why is milk tomorrow's cheese? These are challenging and enlightening ideas for a four year-old.

Trees also serve as a very effective metaphor for tomorrow. We look forward their blooming in the spring and the change of their leaves in the fall.


Every year, tiny buds become lush green leaves...


... broken twigs are made into homes for the birds...


... and the littlest acorn progresses on its journey to becoming a giant oak.

My own little acorn, who was helpful enough to hold the pages down for me (and how cute are her hands next to the grown ones in the illustrations?), wanted to show her favorite letter.


Recycled paper, of course. Thanks again, trees.

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