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Saturday story time once again. This week, we're reading a beautiful book all about seeds. A Seed Is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston and beautifully illustrated by Sylvia Long is a loving and lyrical look at the mysterious little things that grow up to be flowers, fruits and trees. You'll never look at seeds the same way again!


The book begins with an enormous sunflower full of sleepy sunflower seeds.


Sleepy seeds, the author tells us, may wait years, even decades, before revealing their secrets.


Some seeds are naked. "Yes, naked!" (No wonder they're secretive.) In seed terms, this means they aren't encased in a fruit. Naked seeds, like those of the great redwoods, hide in cones.


Inside they contain everything that is needed to make a bean plant, a flower, a fruit or a tree. So much in such a little package.


Seeds have adventurous beginnings, often traveling far from their original plant before finding a place to settle down and grow.


And they're very clever about how they get there.


The book shows us that seeds can also be thirsty and hungry and big and little, but always, they are magical, awakening when they are ready, unfurling their leaves and pushing shoots up into the sunlight.

More stunning illustrations appear on the inside cover, framing these thoughts. The opening pages show dozens of seeds, so colorful they look like candy.


And the end pages reveal the plants they will become.


For more stylish and sublime science, check out the authors' previous book, An Egg Is Quiet, and their forthcoming A Butterfly Is Patient.

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