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One thing I noticed when I tried to take a picture of my twig last week was that my tree never stops moving. It's so strange because when I think of plant life (versus animal life), I think of something that doesn't move. By definition. But just watch my tree for a minute.

It wasn't even a particularly windy day when I took this video. How can it withstand all that movement? All the time. Day and night. What makes wood so flexible and yet so strong?

Also, isn't this tree officially dormant right now? Because it is winter and all. Don't they sort of slow down like bears do in winter? Just how long does dormancy last? Is there really no change at all in the tree while it's dormant? I mean, if we look at those buds, were they there before the tree became dormant? Or do they develop during dormancy? Or does their development mean the tree is waking up?

Are there more things happening in that tree than the few very visible signs we see?

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