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I'm still considering my options for tree watching since the men with pointy sticks came and cut down all the branches that I could reach from my living room window. I realized that I can also see my tree from the upstairs bedroom. But how well can I see things and how close can I get to the branches?


So this is the view from upstairs. Things are kind of far away. And there's the whole looking down/vertigo thing going on. But with a little zoom on the camera, I can get a good picture of some leaves.


And if I lean waaaay out the window, I can even reach a twig to take a close-up.


So this is what my tree's twigs looked like at the end of August. Since then, we've had a dramatic change in the weather. It seems like the sun sets almost an hour earlier now than in mid-summer when we returned from vacation and in the last couple of days the temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees. I wonder what effect this will have in the slow yellowing of my tree. Will it speed up now that the light has changed and the temperatures have dropped? It sure does feel like fall. When will this tree start looking like fall?

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