some german trees

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Onkel Stefan's apple tree.

This tree stands in my in-laws' backyard. It was planted by the kids' great uncle. When he was in first grade, each of the students got a sapling to plant. Sixty years later, it has become the perfect tree for the kids to swing in.


Playmobil tree.

My mother-in-law's family has a little toy and paper goods store. The kids save up their Euros from birthdays and Christmas every year to buy themselves something fun at Oma's store. This year, my daughter got herself a big Playmobil set with a pool, a slide, a shower, and a tree.


Biergarten tree.

Hubby and I spent the last couple of days in Bavaria. One evening we relaxed in a lovely beer garden. We sat under two chestnut trees and had a view of this maple.


Hundertwasser trees.

I love the colors and shapes in the work of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser! While in Bavaria, we came across a little exhibit of some of his posters in support of environmental causes. He made posters encouraging people to save the whales, save the seas, and use public transport. In this poster, he tells us that among the trees we are at home. The bright green bulb trees are fabulous!

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