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We've kept pretty busy here on vacation in Germany. Each year, we manage to find some new things to do. And as the kids get older, we also find that there are more things they CAN do. Last week, we spent an afternoon at an amazing adventure climbing park outside the city of Marburg.


That's one of my sons up in a tree, clicking into the safety rope to glide down at the end of a course 6 meters above the ground. Here's my other son getting ready to do the same thing at the very top of a course 10 meters high.


And here's my youngest on the kiddie course with her dad. (It's only about 1 meter off the ground but she still gets to wear all the gear - so cute!)


I did not go on any of the courses because I am crazy scared of heights. I mean, seriously, those trees are wicked tall!


The trees were amazing. You can tell that the Germans love their trees and they take care of them. Take a close look at the structures and supports of the climbing platforms and obstacles. There's not a nail anywhere. Everything is held in place with bands and straps. All to keep from harming the trees.


The woods all around look just like this one where the Kletterwald was located. The trees are tall and skinny, bare trunks with a few tufts of foliage at the very top. It looks like someone has put tiny Christmas trees on the top of some telephone poles! After driving past a few woods, I first thought that the Germans stripped a lot of the lower limbs off of the trees. But when I realized that EVERY forest had trees that looked like this, I decided that they must just grow like that. I guess the lower branches die and fall off when they aren't getting the light anymore.

All of the trees in the Kletterwald seemed to have the same kind of leaves.


Broad, flat leaves with toothed edges and many veins coming out of a central vein. Are they elms? Birches? I need a German tree guide!

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