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Since I've been watching the leaves open up on my tree, I've been feeling a little disappointed because I haven't really felt like there was that much change going on. The leaves aren't becoming exponentially larger each day or anything. But then I realized that the leaves were moving farther and farther away from the tips of the twigs.

When the buds began to open last week, they were coming right out of the terminal buds on the tips of the twigs. Look at how they were stretching the bud open!


Two days later (just before all the flowers fell off), they had begun to pull apart from each other and away from the bud.


The next day, they weren't much more open, but they seemed a little taller. And the bud had completely disappeared! Perhaps it was stretched too far and fell off along with all the flowers?


On Sunday, I noticed a clear difference in the height of the leaves.


They were much farther away from the tip of the twig than before. And in the center, I could see one thick shoot that all the leaves were branching off from.


Is this how the twig grows longer? Will that thick green shoot in the middle be the continuation of this twig?

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