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Okay, so you know the leaves I've been watching? They've stopped growing. Oh, all the other leaves are growing, just not the two I'm measuring. What up with that?!

Here we go. Middle leaf, May 18th: 2 1/8".


Middle leaf, May 23rd: 2 1/8".


Middle leaf, May 25th: 2 1/8".



Little leaf, May 18th: 5/8".


Little leaf: May 23rd...


No, not that big one on the top, the tiny one below. Hey, why is the other leaf in the pair so big now? They started out the same!

Little leaf, May 25th: uh, 5/8".


Grrr. Well, at least the big leaf is growing...

Large leaf, May 18th: 6 1/8".


Large leaf, May 25th: 6 3/4".


Alright! That's what I'm talking about!

So apparently my other two leaves are on vaca or something. What gets me is that all the leaves come in pairs and the other leaf in each pair is growing strong. Are these on the wrong side (the house side instead of the street side)? Are they getting less sun? I refuse to be worried, though, because there is so much overall growth on my twig that I actually have trouble finding my leaves these days!


Can you believe that's the same twig that we met back in February?!


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