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After our April Fool's snow, we had a warm day with temperatures above 40 and sunshine. Did the buds survive the snow and continue sprouting their purple things?


Wow! Look at all that! There's almost as much purple as brown now. And check out the edge of the old buds. They look ripped, as if they are torn open when the purple stuff pushes its way out.


You can really see the tearing on this top bud here. Amazing!


Look, there's a bunch of shreds still left on the purple stuff of that one! Fascinating. I wonder if the bud also gets thinner so that it's easier for the purple stuff to push its way out. Or do the buds really just disintegrate, sort of like the roots of a baby tooth when it's time for it to fall out?

PS - Can I just say that the macro function on my camera is a wonderful thing! It has allowed me to look so closely at these buds. I've been able to see things I never would have noticed if I was only using my eyes.

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